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The Eternal Story


Unveiling God's plan for you in the Old Testament Video Outline. Week One: Introduction to Story Week Two: Genesis - A Good Creation Week Three: Adam and Eve - Desire or Trust? Week Four: Cain and Abel - What is Sin? Week Five: Noah - Trust and Forgiveness Week Six: Babel - Self or Others? Week Seven: Abram - Trust Gets Tested Week Eight: Esau - Pursuit or Pleasure? Week Nine: Exodus - Kingdom Versus Empire Week Ten: The Desert - Partners and Priests Week Eleven: Judges and Kings - Remember, Don’t Forget! Week Twelve: Nehemiah - Repent and Return Resources The BEMA Podcast; Shane Willard; Skip Moen; Hebrew Word Study; Charles Spurgeon; Rabbi David Fohrman; The Beast That Crouches At the Door; HFBS Publishing, 2007 Rabbi David Fohrman; The Exodus You Almost Passed Over; Maggid Books, 2016 Richter, Sandra L; The Epic of Eden, A Christian Entry into the Old Testament; InterVarsity Press, 2008 Bartholomew, Craig G. and Goheen, Michael W.; The Drama of Scripture; Baker Academic, 2014 McKnight, Scot; Kingdom Conspiracy; Brazos Press, 2014 McManus, Erwin Raphael; Uprising, A Revolution of the Soul; Thomas Nelson, Inc; 2003 Willard, Dalls; Life Without Lack; Nelson Books, 2018



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