Northgate Preschool offers quality preschool education & fun activities for toddlers ages 3-5. This preschool provides a Pre-K curriculum and a safe environment that makes the kids and the parents both happy.

3&4 years old

$220 Month

9:00am – 11:30am
Tuesday – Thursday

4&5 years old

$220 Month

12:30pm – 3:00pm
Tuesday – Thursday


We believe that Christian core values are essential in providing children with a solid foundation for their future growth. Character is a developed skill; and it is our desire to help shape Godly character in children. We believe that God desires the opportunity to pour out his love and power over children.


Northgate Preschool understands the need to provide age-appropriate physical activities for children. In addition, children will experience positive ways to develop socially.


The majority of a child’s learning foundation is established at a young age. We focus on this concept by providing an accepting and non-threatening learning environment that is developmentally age-appropriate. We provide a hands-on learning style that allows exploration and discovery through the use of the five senses.



As a preschool, we strive to provide children with a safe and secure learning environment to develop their emerging skills. We recognize that education plays a large role in a child’s ability to advance in our society. It is our desire that our children leave their preschool experience ready to exceed Kindergarten expectations academically. As a church, we understand that our children are the most precious gifts we hold. Therefore, at Northgate we pledge to strive daily to meet the standards of excellence our children deserve.