To see our children trained and equipped in Kingdom authority... 

Our goal is to provide a solid foundation from which kids can grow; a foundation where they know God, encounter His presence, and are activated in their individual gifts. Gatekeepers is designed to instill the knowledge, truth, and power of God’s word into the hearts and minds of kids. We believe that children grow best when they are radically loved, safe, and empowered.

are students from Kindergarten to 4th Grade.
We currently meet during the 11am service on Sundays.


This month, the students are learning about the Israelite exile stories and beginning to examine the books of poetry in the Bible.

February 4th: EXILED ISRAEL: Stories from the exiles and rebuilding of the temple found in Ezra & Nehemiah.

February 11th: KINGS AND QUEENS: Learning the story of King Xerxes and Esther – found in the historical book of Esther.

February 18th: REVIEW & PURIM: Reviewing all the historical books of the Bible and learning about the origin of the Jewish holiday Purim.

February 25th: POETRY & JOB: We will be learning about the books of poetry in the Bible, and about the book of Job.