It is our desire to partner with you to shape your child’s life journey with God.

Northgate is blessed to have the opportunity to sow into your children’s lives. We continually strive to provide a loving, caring and attentive environment where children can learn about and experience the genuine love of Jesus. Our program includes Bible Stories, Character Building, Crafts, Worship and Play.

If you have any questions regarding our program please contact Logann Moffitt or Dawn DuCommun.

Building Blocks
serves our youngest members from Birth to Pre-Kindergarten.
Our program lasts during the entire service on Sundays.


For the next five weeks, the kids will be learning that God keeps us safe. The children will use their five senses to discover how God’s love protected Noah, his family, and the animals during the Flood. Plus, they’ll learn the wonderful fact that God always keeps his promises.

Scripture Basis: Genesis 6:9–9:17.

Bible Verse:
God keeps us safe. (Adapted from Psalm 4:8)

October 1st: GOD KEEPS US SAFE: Because he loves us.

October 8th: GOD KEEPS US SAFE: Wherever we are.

October 15th: GOD KEEPS US SAFE: And protects our families.

October 22nd: GOD KEEPS US SAFE: And Provides for us.

October 29th: I’m Glad that God Keeps Us Safe.